A Huge RMRIDE350 Thank You…

Well that’s it, the phone lines have closed, all donations are in and the money has been removed from our respective pages and counted.  I am overwhelmed to report that the final sum raised for the RMCTF is…………Tah Dah!

a WHOPPING £63,043.33

That is absolutely incredible and it wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity.  That money will go a long way to helping injured Royal Marines, of which there are many.

If you want to read about one such individual then look-up Lee “Frank” Spencer.  Frank is a friend and former colleague of mine and a truly insprational character who typfies Commando Spirit.  Frank survived three tours of Afghan before being seriously injured following a freek RTC.  Please look him up and see what he has to say about the RMCTF and what it is doing with your money.

In the meantime, it ony leaves me to thank, from the very bottom of my heart, all of you who donated, helped me out and came to support me even though I wimped out at a poxy 267 miles.

In no particular order:

Paul & Michelle, Darren Kenny, Becky Parslow (for the Loom Bands), EMB, Eddie Learnihan, Roy & Brigette; Si J (for putting on the static cycle in the Faklands Square, Poole), Emma, Dave & Abbie, John W, James Boyle, Mike Tesseyman, Phil, Simon Clarke, Brian & Karen, Darren, Lee & Danni; Gareth, Jane & Da Boyz, Mr & Mrs Whitmarsh and their baby Batman, Donald Horsfall, Alex, K8, Paul K, Pam Brinson, HQ1, Mark Downing, Angela & Michael Parslow, David & Mandy, Sue & Derek, Jim & Anne, Sue & Cliff B, Wayne F, Alan & Tracey; Phil, Cath, Matt & Becky, Jon Dudley, Spike, Deeps, Chris J, Neil Mullins, Heggsy, Celia Hodgson, Lo Freer, Frank, Andy Tish, Adam Watts, Col Shearsby, Nick Jupp, Jackie and last but by no means least, all you “anonymous” secret agents.



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