The Cartoon Commando

In 1982 and while the Royal Marines were playing a key part in recapturing the Falkland Islands, three Royal Marine Illustrators began drawing cartoon sketches from their base in Poole.  Those illustrators were Warrant Officer Roy Carr, Colour Sergeant Arthur “Art” Huddart and Sergeant John “Spider” Webb.

The sketches depicted the events unfolding in the south atlantic and shortly after the conflict began their first edition was published, Up The Falklands.  By August 1982, the second edition, Carry On Yomping, was published and depicted, in many cases, actual events during the campaign.  In 1983, the third and final edition, Over The Top, was published but this time including many sketches from the other armed services.  On the back of this edition the guys were described as “The Cartoon Commandos.”

The books inspired me at the tender age of 14 to begin drawing cartoons and over the years I have used their ideas and designs to draw many of my own.  I decided to try and add some to this site in the hope they will help me raise more money for the charities, in particular the RMCTF.

Unfortunately, Art Huddart has relocated to the big re-org in the sky, so it is with the kind permission of Roy and Spider that I am allowed to use the moniker The Cartoon Commando.

I hope I can do them justice.

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