350th RM Anniversary Bremont

What can I say, this week has been christmas all over again and early all at once.  Firstly my Garmin arrived, then our good friend Claire at Bremont HQ in Henley-on-Thames contacted me to tell me my timepiece (very important that, they are not just watches) was ready.  Seconds later an email dropped in from Molly, who coordinates all the Bremont Military timepieces, confirming it was ready and I needed to pay the balance.  Boo!

In actual fact, I had long since gathered the funds from various Post Office and G4S van raids (just in case the Feds are reading, not really OK) so I had no hesitation in clearing the balance.  I have been eagerly awaiting the delivery of the watch/timepiece/thing of beauty since visiting Bremont HQ courtesy of Claire et al, and seeing what a great job Stu and his guys do in building the collection.  Let us also not forget, they are made in England.

Bremont have done a great job in building the limited run of 350 pieces and I was extremely fortunate to get the serial number I asked for, 96.  This is significant for me as it is the last two figures of my regimental number, P048796M, hence my company is called Nine6Mike.  Ask any veteran and the one thing they will always remember is their regimental number.  It is mine and mine alone and is therefore unique, just like the watch which is tested to 507m instead of the usual 500.  This equates to 1664ft; 1664 being the year of the formation of the Royal Marines.

It has exceeded my expectations and I can’t begin to tell you how chuffed I am to be one of the very fortunate 350 recipients.  Special thanks go to Simon Orr, former RM Officer and Producer of Self Made Movie, who came up with the original concept and commissioned the work.

If you’ve never seen a Bremont, look them up at www.bremont.com or visit one of their boutiques in Mayfair or the City of London, (or New York if you’re feeling flush) I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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