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The 120 miler that wasn’t

Saturday 3rdMay 2014 Not much has happened this week in terms of exciting riding.  I only managed one ride to work after …

The weather is pants!

The weather is still very pants so this is a better than nothing ride; total distance 19.2 miles: moving time 1:35:03; average …


Wednesday Wibble

Wednesday Wibble on or around Gore Heath/Wareham Forest; total distance 11.9 miles; moving time 1:43:46; average speed 6.9mph.

Week 5 road session

Week 5 road session Z1-2 with Z3 efforts; total distance 31.3 miles; moving time 2:34:08; average speed 12.2mph. This was also a …

Z1-2 training road ride

Z1-2 training road ride; total distance 34.4 miles; moving time 2:26:50; average speed 14.8mph.