DRR Purbeck Saturday ride

The Dorset Rough Riders (DRR) meet at the Sandbanks Ferry every Sat for the 11 o’clock crossing.  The ride is always a mixture of cracking scenery and heathland, single track and forestry block tracks with a tea and cake stop or two thrown in for a resupply.  If the sun is out, it doesn’t get any better in Dorset.  Check out the DRR calendar on the website for details of this and any other ride; http://www.dorsetroughriders.co.uk

Bah! Couldn’t get parked so missed the ferry for the Purbeck ride.  Got the next one with Simon and we eventually ended up chasing the rest of the group all over Dorset (or so it seems) without ever seeing them.  Pity hide and seek isn’t an Olympic sport as you guys would have got a gold.

Thanks again Simon for showing me around and making it look easy when I was properly blowing out of my hoop.  Strava tells me we did 20.4 miles with an elevation gain of 1,139ft and an avg speed of 9.4 mph over 2hrs 10mins. Don’t know about you but I’m happy with that.

Right, now where’s that cider…

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