F – Foxtrot

Fanny Bowser  made up of two sayings:

1.  Fanny  An intimate part of the female anatomy e.g. fanny mechanic – gynaecologist; quim quack is a recorded alternative; fanny rat – chap who chases after ladies, often with considerable success; fanny scratchers – fingers

2.  Bowser  A tanker or bulk carrying vehicle of some sorts hence, a car full of ladies is a Fanny Bowser.

Field Gunner  A member of the Devonport, Portsmouth or Fleet Air Arm field gun crews who used to train for a competition held at the annual Royal Tournament at Earl’s Court (and in later years at the British Military Tournament at Earl’s Court).  The results were signalled world-wide to the Fleet; the participants were famous for their speed, size and strength, and the way that these qualities were combined into a spectacular display of teamwork.

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