H – Hotel

Hoofing  An all-purpose measurement of excellence: “It was a hoofing run ashore,” or “that really is a hoofing car.”

Hanging out of…

  1. (When applied to the fairer sex) Cohabiting with someone.
  2. (Historic RM) A direct threat of violence to a faint-hearted heap: “Get your ruddy arse in gear , or I’ll hang out of you, you big girls blouse.”
  3. (Present day RM) Very tired.  Can be followed with “of your hoop” or “out of your arse” to indicate extremely tired and on ones lasts legs e.g. “after that half marathon in this heat I was hanging out of my hoop.”

HQ1  Damage Control Headquarters in a ship, and usually co-located with the Ship Control Centre.  It is permanently manned at sea and in harbour.  At action stations or in an emergency, it is where all the necessary actions to ensure the ship’s survivability are co-ordinated.  In other words, without it the ships goes down.

Honking  Is one of the words in Jack Speak with many meanings:

  1. A Glaswegian word (like minging) for handcarted or very drunk.
  2. Smelling strongly.
  3. Physically sick; honking your ring is a severe episode of vomiting.
  4. Something very unpleasant.

Heads  The ships latrines, which in sailing days were located in the area between the forecastle  and the beakhead (the forwardmost point of the ship); they were situated on both sides (hence use of the plural).

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