R – Romeo

Rap or Rapped  To give up or give in e.g. “I couldn’t be bothered anymore so I rapped.”

Redders  Really hot, abbreviation of red-hot, but also used to describe sunny weather.  The phrase gangs of redders is often used when talking about a plentiful source of heat such as an oven or a sauna. 

RAS (pronounced raz)  Abbreviation for Replenishment At Sea, the procedure whereby ships can refuel, and transfer stores, ammunition and people whilst underway using jackstays or helicopters.  It is a term which can also be used as an alternative for acquire as in: “Where did he get that gucci kit?”  Dunno, must have razzed it from the yanks.”

Racing snake  someone who is or looks incredibly fit and will always disappear at the front of any event.  Normally very slim in order that they move faster but because of their svelte like appearance sometimes struggle to carry heavy loads.

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