RM350 Training Blog using British Cycling Inter Sportive Program – Week 2

Week 2

Day 8

A welcome rest day after yesterday’s epic.

Day 9

I feel ropey today so have decided not to use the gym.  I’m not sure if I have picked up a cold or if it is the aftermath of my brother’s cat and eight hours of sneezing.  Loads of fluid and some Night Nurse for me tonight.

Day 10

No doping issues for me thank god, Night Nurse is awesome. Unfortunately, I now feel very bunged up and phlegmy so no training for me again.  Bugger!

Day 11

I’m still very bunged up today and coughing loads so have decided to wimp out of tonight’s DRR ride, the Wednesday wobble.

I am still banging in the fluids – after all, hydrate or die – and eating as healthily as possible.  Despite the temperature drop I am actually missing getting out on a bike.  I still have some computer issues to sort tomorrow and I still need to do the threshold test, which is now my only goal for cycling this week.  I will start again on Monday next week where I should of started this week. Not a good start.


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