RM350 Training Blog using British Cycling Inter Sportive Program – Week 3

Day 15

Bike rest day but early morning gym day.  Another Crossfit type session with finding one rep max of bench press and shoulder press.  Following these data gathering exercises for the program we will follow, we did a metabolic conditioner (metcon) of:  21-15-9 reps of pull-ups and thrusters.

I am still feeling the after affects of last week but managed to train no problem.  I certainly feel fine in myself.  Hopefully a bit of physical effort will kick start the old wind bags into having a bit of a clear out, we shall see on Wednesday nights ride.

Gym again in the morning so I really need hit my scratcher soon to top-up my zed tank.  The dog’s already snoring, great!

Training has taken a massive kick in the plums with the persistent rain and high winds that are just about stopping everything.  Today and for the foreseeable future I will mostly be on the turbo watching Family Guy.


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