The new regime…

The final week of May saw me move to a new eating and drinking regime.  This was after talking with the legend that is Darren Kenny OBE about why my legs were blowing when the rest of me was fine.  You may remember I met Darren at Sammo’s Ride4Care sportive,  He said if I ever needed any advice to let him know, I wondered if he meant it so I did and he came up trumps.  Thanks Darren, you’re hoofing bloke.

As it turns out the problem was a combination of two factors; me not drinking the correct fluids to replace the electrolytes lost and not eating enough.  So, I’m now preparing with “a can do attitude” Posi+iv – pre-ride, fuelling during with ZipVit energy drink and gels and my homemade energy bars, then finishing post ride with a ZipVit recovery drink.  Taking on food/gels every half an hour is creating its own problems,  finding the space to carry it all.  An under saddle bag is next on the shopping list.

This weeks mid-week riding has been limited to rides to and from work due to my MTB shoes still being AWOL.  This weekend I managed 46.7 miles on Saturday morning which felt ridiculously slow (and Strava confirmed it) followed by 63.3 miles on Sunday evening.  It would have been nice to have cracked that whole distance in one ride but there we go, time is at a premium.  Needless to say, the new regime seems to be working a treat, long may it continue.

Are anyone else’s glutes aching?

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