Where the hell did that come from?

This weeks blog is brought to you by Amoxicillin and bugger all riding other than my ride to work on Tuesday and the DRR new riders evening on Wednesday.

I have no idea where it has come from but I have picked up a chest infection.  I’m no stranger to chest infections but with me they almost always follow a bad cold and they are something I don’t get very often.  This one has obviously been an insurgent sleeper infection that has crept up on me before ambushing me throughout the day on Tuesday.  I felt like crap, like I hadn’t refuelled properly after the weekends efforts, yet oddly I could have eaten for Britain and made Man Vs Food look like an amateur.

Needless to say, the usual symptoms became apparent and a call to the Scab Lifter became necessary resulting in a course of antibiotics.

On the upside, what a treat to be able to lie-in this morning (Sunday) and then spend the day with HQ1 and Eric for a change, instead of having a bike saddle wedged up my butt for 6+ hours.  Don’t tell her, but I have missed riding my bike this weekend, even just for a little ‘un.

Oh well, hopefully it will clear up quickly as there are only 3 weeks to go.  Yikes!

Finally, many thanks go out to Heggsy, Neil, Chris and G Diddy for your recent donations that have edged me over the £500 mark.  It is all of your donations that make it worth while.

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