It’s been a bad week…

The only riding I managed this week was a very wet thrash on the Wareham Wibble on Wednesday, and a quick spin with Leon round-the-harbour on Thursday evening.   It was my first time on the MTB since Normandy after finally receiving my shoes back from repair.  Giro actually replaced them like for like as they were still under warranty which was nice.

Thursday’s round-the-harbour with Leon was for both our benefits, me because I haven’t ridden to work at all this week and Leon because we are riding the Macmillan Dorset 100 and he doesn’t get out much due to work commitments.  For whatever reason, we decided to go anti-clockwise from home – Wareham – the climb into Kingston – Swanage – the Studland/Sandbanks ferry via the climb out of Swanage and home.  33 miles in a little over 2hrs will do nicely thank you.

I had every intention to crack 140 miles this weekend as per the RMRIDE350 training program, and, mindful of Darren Kenny whispering in my ears, “got to get the miles in,” however, as it has turned out I managed zero.  I can’t really make any excuses that would hold up in court m’lud, but I just plain ran out of time.  As always, it’s HQ1’s fault, everything is, and she wasn’t even here.

As predicted, and to make matters worse, work has conspired against me and I now will not be able to ride this week.  Roll on Friday/Saturday when I intend to get some miles in regardless of time.  I need to make an extra special effort as Sunday is the Dorset Rough Riders DRRt 3 and as membership secretary I need to/should be there to encourage new joiners.  If you’re free come along, it’ll be a good route over the beautiful Purbecks and the weather forecast is good:!drrt/c1w3s

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